Citing CVX

If you are actively using CVX in teaching, research, or applications, and haven’t yet told us about it, please do so! Drop us an email. It is truly encouraging to hear about new uses for CVX, and we like to keep track of geographic and technical diversity of our user base. And of course, it is always a pleasure to receive an email that is not a bug report!

Are you using CVX in research work to be published? If so, please include explicit mention of our work in your publication. We suggest language such as this:

To solve problem (17) we used CVX, a package for specifying and solving convex programs [1],[2].

with the following corresponding entries in your bibliography:

[1] Michael Grant and Stephen Boyd. CVX: Matlab software for disciplined convex programming, version 2.0 beta., September 2013.

[2] Michael Grant and Stephen Boyd. Graph implementations for nonsmooth convex programs, Recent Advances in Learning and Control (a tribute to M. Vidyasagar), V. Blondel, S. Boyd, and H. Kimura, editors, pages 95-110, Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Springer, 2008.

The corresponding BiBTeX citations are given below:

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