Downloading TFOCS

The source code for TFOCS is now hosted on Github. Feel free to visit the Github page to browse the code or clone the repository. Direct download links for the latest versions are provided here:

TFOCS tar.gz (about 1.1 MB)
TFOCS zip (about 1.3 MB)

Both packages contain identical files—simply select the format you prefer. The package includes the main program files, the documentation, and a number of examples and demos.

Due to their size, we have chosen not to include the original experiments from the paper in these distributions. If you wish to download those, you can do so here: (10138241 bytes)

You must have the standard TFOCS package installed to run these examples.


TFOCS has been released under a BSD 3-Clause license. The license permits use in both academic and commercial applications without cost, subject to requirements of attribution and non-endorsement, and a disclaimer of warranty. The full text of the TFOCS license is provided in the LICENSE file included with the distribution; click here to view the license now.