Please note that the authors of TFOCS generally cannot offer direct email assistance. We hope that the resources we have assembled here will address most users’ issues.

Documentation and demos

Included with the TFOCS package is a PDF version of the user guide and the LaTeX source that generates it. The documentation includes a full function reference, which is also available online here.

The demos page includes several examples of TFOCS usage. Please feel free to use the source code included with these demos for learning purposes or as templates for your own applications. Of course, if you do use these demos in your academic work, please cite them!

Community-driven support

For TFOCS-specific usage questions that are not caused by bugs, please consider posing your question on the CVX Forum, a free question and answer forum modeled in the style of StackExchange family of sites. As the name implies, the forum is also used for CVX, but TFOCS users are welcome to ask questions on this forum as well. The authors of TFOCS do visit this forum regularly. If you are an experienced TFOCS user, we would ask you to join us and offer answers to other TFOCS users’ questions.

For more general questions about optimization that are not specific to TFOCS, the CVX Forum is not the appropriate venue. Instead, we invite you to consider two other online forums: the Computational Science Stack Exchange (CompSci SE) and
OR Exchange. CompSci SE covers a variety of computational science topics, including convex optimization. OR-Exchange is a Q&A site sponsored by INFORMS, an international society for professionals in operations research, management science, and analytics. Both communities include a number of active optimization experts.

Submitting bug reports

If you encounter a bug in TFOCS, or an error in the documentation, please submit an report on the GitHub issue tracker for TFOCS. In order for us to effectively evaluate a bug report, we will need the following information:

We have a strong interest in making sure that TFOCS works well for its users; after all, we use it ourselves!

Mailing list

If you wish to be notified of new TFOCS releases, please join the google group mailing list. Note that this mailing list is for announcements only.

Paid support

For more in-depth support, you may purchase a support contract from one or more of the authors. Please contact for more information.