Download CVX 3.0 beta

Version 3.0beta, December 2017, Build 1183

Important note: This is prerelease software. We’ve worked hard to stamp out the big bugs, but of course we need your help to squash more! Here are some important notes:

  • Versions 2.x and 3.0b cannot co-exist. Completely remove 2.x from your MATLAB path before you install 3.0b.
  • You will have to re-run cvx_setup before using 3.0b. And if you decide to revert to version 2.x, you will have to re-run cvx_setup then, too.
  • Your CVX Professional license will still work, but you will need to feed it to cvx_setup again. If you deleted your copy of the license, retrieve a copy here.
  • An on-line copy of the updated documentation can be found here. The most significant changes
    can be found in the DCP ruleset section, due to the introduction of sign-sensitive convexity analysis.
  • If you encounter an issue, don’t hesitate to submit a bug report by visiting our support page or sending an email to Please make sure to indicate that you are using CVX 3.0beta; in fact, please include the entire output of cvx_version with your report.

Download matrix

OS 32/64 mexext Download links SDPT3 SeDuMi Gurobi MOSEK
Standard bundles, including Gurobi and/or MOSEK
Linux 64-bit mexa64 cvx-a64.tar.gz
Mac 64-bit mexmaci64 cvx-maci64.tar.gz
Windows 32-bit mexw32 cvx-w32.tar.gz
64-bit mexw64 cvx-w64.tar.gz
Commercial solvers only
Linux 64-bit mexa64 cvx-a64-co.tar.gz
Mac 64-bit mexmaci64 cvx-maci64-co.tar.gz
Windows 32-bit mexw32 cvx-w32-co.tar.gz
64-bit mexw64 cvx-w64-co.tar.gz

Licensing and redistribution

This software is subject to the CVX Professional License. This software has not yet been released under the more permissive, GPLv3-compatible CVX Standard License. In particular, you may not redistribute this version of the software; instead, please continue to use the redistributable version of CVX 2.x for that purpose.