A CVX Professional license enables CVX to be used with highly respected commercial solvers Gurobi and Mosek. Please contact us at for all quotes and other sales inquiries.

Please note: CVX Research, Inc. does not develop or support the R package called cvxr. The offerings below are strictly for the MATLAB package CVX only.

Commercial pricing

CVX Professional is sold on a subscription basis: a fixed price per seat per year. You may use your CVX Professional license to connect to existing installations of Gurobi or MOSEK. Alternatively, we have partnered with Gurobi Optimization and MOSEK ApS to offer bundled versions of their solvers with your subscription.

Standalone (bring your own solver)
CVX Professional $2000 per seat, per year
Solver bundles
CVX + MOSEK $3250 per seat, per year
CVX + Gurobi $4750 per seat, per year
CVX + Gurobi + MOSEK $6000 per seat, per year

Prices are given in U.S. dollars, and do not include any required taxes.

Standalone or bundle?

The bundled solvers perform identically to the solvers available directly from the vendor, but are limited for use within CVX itself. This enables us to offer the subscriptions at a significant discount over the list prices of the standalone solvers themselves. For users who intend to build and solve models using CVX alone, the bundles are the most cost effective option.

If you wish to use Gurobi or MOSEK in other environments, you should purchase a full license for your preferred solvers and a standalone CVX Professional license. Please contact us for a package quote.

Users who have already purchased Gurobi 5.0 or later, or MOSEK 6.0 or later, should purchase the standalone CVX Professional license. To use these solvers with CVX, simply follow the vendor instructions connect their MATLAB interfaces to your MATLAB installation. Then run (or re-run) cvx_setup, and CVX will automatically detect their presence and configure itself to use them.

Group licenses

More flexible group licenses and volume discounts are available for organizations seeking to purchase a least 10 seats; please contact us for details.

Academic licenses

Faculty, students, or staff of a degree-granting academic institution may receive an academic license for CVX Professional at no charge. As with commercial licenses, academic licenses are valid for one year, but can be renewed indefinitely as long as the user remains affiliated with the institution. To obtain a CVX Professional academic license, click here.

Please note any that commercial use of CVX Professional under an academic license is prohibited. If you wish to use CVX Professional for consulting projects, a paid license will be required.