CVX Research, Inc. is here.

A few years ago, I was able to secure the four-letter domain “”. I’d have loved to secure “”, but unfortunately the Connecticut Valley Electric Exchange got there first. (And they call themselves CONVEX no less. The nerve…) Still, a four letter domain name is a fun thing to have… especially if the “R” means something.

After a little thought, CVX Research seemed like a very reasonable name, given the various projects on my plate. I registered that name as a d/b/a for my consulting practice, and CVX Research was born.

If you’ve been to the web site lately, however, you’ll notice that now it says “CVX Research, Inc.” You might have also seen our new logo, pictured above.

Over a year ago, Stephen Boyd and I concluded that a market existed for a commercially supported version of CVX, and that we could tap that market without compromising our commitment to the academic community. In July, we created this corporation to help achieve this goal. Incorporating enables us to construct commercial license agreements and enter into agreements with other software vendors as well.

To start, we intend to fund our operations by connecting CVX to well-respected commercial solvers, and licensing this new capability to commercial customers for a fee. Academic users will receive full access to the commercial features at no charge; and the standard version of CVX will remain free to all customers.

We feel truly honored by the success of CVX, excited to see it used in so many different fields, and encouraged by the thanks we have received from so many of our users. Thank you very much for your support, and stay tuned.

Michael C. Grant, Ph.D.
CVX Research, Inc.