Academic license request

IMPORTANT NOTE: This form is no longer operational.

CVX is now free to use for all purposes, including commercial, without a license. CVX license keys are no longer required for any purpose. Please see this announcement for more details.

To use CVX with commercial solvers such as Gurobi or MOSEK, a CVX Professional license key is required. (No key is required to use CVX with SeDuMi and SDPT3.) Academic users may obtain a license key at no charge by completing the form below.

Each license is tied to a single academic email address, and can be associated initially with a single username and up to two host IDs. You may add one additional username (for a total of two) or additional host IDs (up to a total of four) using the “Add a host ID or username…” option below.

Important note: we raised the host ID limit from 2 to 4 to handle cases when your host ID changes; say, when you obtain a new computer. We are not able to respond to requests to remove host IDs from your license if you exhaust this limit. Thus we do not suggest depending upon being able to use the license on four computers simultaneously.

Licenses expire after one year, but can be renewed as long as you retain your academic affiliation.

Academic licenses keys are to be used for educational and research purposes only—commercial use is not permitted, including consulting. (Gurobi and MOSEK have the same restriction.)

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Request a new license, or renew an expiring/expired license
Retrieve an existing license
Add a host ID or username to an existing license

An official university-supplied address is required—we use it to verify academic eligibility. Alumni addresses are not permitted. Gmail, Hotmail, and other personal email services are not permitted.

To determine the correct values for the Username and Host ID fields below, run the CVX command cvx_version, and look under the section titled License host. It looks something like this:

License host:
    Username: ????????
    Host ID: ???????????? (en0)

Do not make up a username or assume it is the same as your email address. If you provide incorrect information here, your license will not work, and corrections take time to process.

Please let us know the applications you have in mind for CVX. This is optional! But we are always grateful to hear about new and interesting applications for CVX.

Is this form malfunctioning? Please go to our help desk and submit a bug report.