Important announcement: academic license changes

Over 6 years ago, we released version 2.0 of CVX, enabling its use with commercial solvers Gurobi and MOSEK. These solvers make CVX significantly more powerful. We decided to make this a closed-source add-on so that we could fund CVX development and support through the sale of licenses to commercial entities.

Of course, we are fully committed to offering academic users full functionality at no charge, so we built a semi-automated academic license generator. Unfortunately, the support burden required to maintain this generator is no longer sustainable. For this reason, we are making the following changes, effective immediately.

Starting with build 1127 of CVX 2.1—released in December, 2018—you no longer need a CVX Academic license to use CVX with Gurobi or MOSEK. Full interoperability has been unlocked for these solvers as long as you have a valid license, properly installed, from the vendors themselves:

Make sure that you follow the full instructions for each solver for obtaining the license and installing it in the proper location.

Some additional notes:

The first publicly available version of CVX was released in 2005—over 13 years ago.  We had no idea that it would prove so useful to so many. Thank you to everyone through the years for using it, for citing it, and for offering us encouragement!