TFOCS is now fully open source

We are pleased to announce that the authors of TFOCS, in conjunction with copyright holders CVX Research and the California Institute of Technology, have agreed to release TFOCS under a permissive 3-Clause BSD license. It is our sincere hope that moving to a permissive open source license will encourage wider use and community-driven improvements.

As part of our shift to this new license, we have moved the source repository for TFOCS to GitHub. From this site, users can download a versioned release, clone the repository for more frequent updates, or create their own fork for customization.

Community support for TFOCS is available on CVX Forum, a question and answer site modeled after the popular StackExchange family of sites. The forum serves users of both TFOCS and the namesake package CVX. For more dedicated assistance, paid support contracts are available from the packages’ authors.

For more details, please visit the TFOCS home page. The full text of the license is available on the download page as well as in the file LICENSE in the package itself.