An important note about the future of CVX

[Summary: we are transitioning CVX to a fully open-source model that we hope will allow it to remain available and usable for the foreseeable future.] The first publicly available version of CVX on MATLAB was released in 2005—19 years ago. … (more) →

Important announcement: academic license changes

Over 6 years ago, we released version 2.0 of CVX, enabling its use with commercial solvers Gurobi and MOSEK. These solvers make CVX significantly more powerful. We decided to make this a closed-source add-on so that we could fund CVX development and support … (more) →

TFOCS wins the Beale Orchard-Hayes Prize!

Stephen Becker, Emmanuel Candès, and Michael Grant were selected to win the 2015 Beale Orchard-Hays Prize for Excellence in Computational Mathematical Programming. The prize was awarded for TFOCS as presented in journal article we published about it. The presentation took … (more) →

CVX on Octave: an update

GNU Octave 4.0 was released on May 29, 2015. This was the culmination of a lot of hard work. The Octave development should be proud! I’m pleased to find that the patches I submitted to allow for CVX compatibility were scheduled … (more) →

CVX featured in new optimization textbook

It is always uplifting to see one’s work cited in a scientific publication. How much more of a thrill it is, then, to see it incorporated into a textbook, and presumably into courses that rely upon the book! For years, … (more) →

CVX on Octave: coming soon—see a live demo!

Important note: CVX is not compatible with the Octave 3.8.1 or earlier. Please do not try to install it—you will waste your time! But read on for some good news. One of the more common questions we have been asked … (more) →

New demo video for CVX

As of February 20, over 10000 students are enrolled in CVX101, Stanford University’s online course in convex optimization offered by Professor Stephen Boyd and colleagues. This course has been taught using Stanford’s internal video distance learning platform for years, so … (more) →

TFOCS is now fully open source

We are pleased to announce that the authors of TFOCS, in conjunction with copyright holders CVX Research and the California Institute of Technology, have agreed to release TFOCS under a permissive 3-Clause BSD license. It is our sincere hope that … (more) →

Bundled versions of Gurobi and MOSEK now available with CVX

One of the key features added to CVX 2.0 is the ability to connect to the commercial solvers Gurobi and MOSEK. Both solvers are highly respected in the optimization community, and we have found that they work very well with … (more) →

CVX 2.0 updated: Gurobi 5.1, MOSEK 7 with SDP support

We have been hard at work to exit the beta period for CVX 2.0. We’re almost there! However, due to some recent developments in the solver arena, we have decided to release a new build of CVX 2.0 beta today. … (more) →