CVX 2.0 beta updated; academic licenses available

A new version of CVX 2.0 beta has been posted to the web site. Please go get it. We’ve fixed a handful of bugs, but most importantly, we’ve completed the licensing engine. As with the previous beta, this version comes … (more) →

CVX 2.0 beta period extended; new license key posted

We’re hard at work getting ready for the full release of CVX 2.0. We have incorporated some great feedback from our users already, including bug fixes submitted to our help desk and issues raised on our Q&A site. We are … (more) →

Mixed-integer support in CVX 2.0

Gurobi and MOSEK, the first commercial solvers we have connected to CVX, support mixed-integer models: models with one or more variables constrained to assume integer or even binary (0/1) values. Such variables can be used not just in linear programs, … (more) →

Announcing CVX 2.0 beta

We are proud to announce the release of CVX 2.0. We have added some interesting new features, big and small, and are looking forward to seeing our users exploit them! Some of the highlights include: Solve problems using commercial solvers … (more) →

CVX wins the Beale Orchard-Hayes prize!

Michael Grant & Stephen Boyd were selected to win the 2012 Beale Orchard-Hays Prize for Excellence in Computational Mathematical Programming. This award is presented once every three years by the Mathematical Optimization Society, and is given in memory of Martin … (more) →