CVX 2.0 beta updated; academic licenses available

A new version of CVX 2.0 beta has been posted to the web site. Please go get it. We’ve fixed a handful of bugs, but most importantly, we’ve completed the licensing engine. As with the previous beta, this version comes with a license for CVX Professional that expires on November 30, 2012—a little over three weeks away. After that date, you’ll need a license to use the CVX Professional features.

If you are an academic user, you can obtain a license key at no charge. Just visit our Academic license request page and fill out the online form. An active university email address is required, as well as the username and host ID of the computer you are using. If everything checks out, you should receive your license key within minutes. Please note that these license keys require this latest beta release to operate (build 883 or later).

Commercial users will need to purchase a CVX Professional license from us to continue using Gurobi and MOSEK with CVX after the conclusion of the beta period. Feel free to send us an email at for a quote.

Lastly, let us take this opportunity to promote the CVX Forum! This is a community-driven Q&A site where you can find answers to a variety of common usage questions posed by users of CVX. If you have a question that hasn’t yet been asked, of course, you can ask it. And if you have an answer that others may find useful, you can provide it, too. We truly hope that over time the CVX Forum will become a rich database of expertise in disciplined convex programming, CVX, and TFOCS.