CVX 2.0 updated: Gurobi 5.1, MOSEK 7 with SDP support

We have been hard at work to exit the beta period for CVX 2.0. We’re almost there! However, due to some recent developments in the solver arena, we have decided to release a new build of CVX 2.0 beta today. We invite you to download a copy. Feel free to install this beta on top of your current version of CVX 2.0, but do re-run cvx_setup once you have done so.

Ordinarily, an update to a solver Gurobi or MOSEK would not require a new release of CVX. Gurobi 5.1 was released on January 8th, and the previous version of CVX 2.0 beta worked perfectly with that new release. If you’re content with your current version of CVX, there is no need to download the new build.

Mosek 7 adds support for semidefinite programs (SDPs), however, and this required some code changes to the Mosek solver shim. Previously, users who required an SDP-capable solver had to rely on the SDPT3 and SeDuMi solvers bundled with CVX. We are very pleased that now our users will have another new, commercially supported option for such problems now.

If you want to try the beta version of Mosek 7 now, head over to the beta section of their web site. There you can download a copy of MOSEK for your preferred platform, as well as a trial license that expires on March 1, 2013. Once you’ve installed MOSEK 7.0, add its Matlab MEX directory to your MATLAB path, and re-run cvx_setup.

Both Gurobi and MOSEK are excellent solvers, and the companies behind them have been wonderful to work with. It is a privilege for us to be able to support their use with CVX. In fact, we have some exciting new developments brewing on that front that we hope to share very soon. Stay tuned…